My new CD “Granados on Guitar” will be on sale soon!


My new CD “Granados on Guitar. Masahiro Masuda plays 12 DANZAS ESPANOLAS” is going to release on May, 2016.

CD ” Granados 12 Danzas Espanolas “

“Danzas Espanolas” is the collection of twelve works. Spanish pianist and composer, Enrique Granados composed this work for Piano solo in his young days.  However, many guitarsts is playing a few dances from this collection because of arranging by famous players ,for example, Llobet, Segovia, Barruecco, Russell etc.

Now, I had been trying to arrange and record all of them by guitar for 5 years. Finally, I finished them last year and prepared for releasing CD.

I really wish you to listen to my CD as if Granados composed 12 DANZAS ESPANOLAS originally for guitar solo.

My 22nd CD will be on sale on May 11th 2016.

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