The day after a concert


I always try to check my basic tecnique.


At first, I want to say thank you to people who came to listen to my conert around Higashijujo area and who organized and helped the concert.

I am very happy that Over 100 audiences came yesterday.

After a concert, many player, including me, relieved because of the sense of achievement,

I always try to spend my practice for review of my technique.

The reason is I worry about my tecnique is going to be unstable after playing on stage.

Today, I am using the book: Leo Brouwer – Paoli Paolini Sacales for Guitar for my practice.

Checking my rignt and left fingers which are movinvg under my consciousness.

Practicing with simple notes patern, scale, motion of fingers.

I strongly believed these exercise will help me on stage!

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